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In February 2015, the College of Ocean Law and Policy was established. It is the only law school in Taiwan that specializes in marine law and policy studies. The college focuses primarily on talent development, research, and marine law and policy-related services. Taiwan's overall marine law and policy, including oceanic sovereignty, marine resources, the marine environment, maritime security, maritime affairs, and other legal systems and policies, is the primary focus of its research. The curriculum has utilized the uniqueness and professionalism of marine academic research by emphasizing knowledge of the legal system, policy planning, and promotion. The College of Ocean Law and Policy is comprised of the Institute of the Law of the Sea, the Bachelor's Degree Program in Ocean Law, and the Master's Degree Program in Ocean Policy. In recent years, the efforts of the college's faculty and staff have yielded fruitful academic achievements and attracted foreign scholars willing to conduct short-term research visits. Clearly, the college has worked diligently in ocean law and policy for many years and has made Taiwan visible to the world.  Since its establishment, the college has been devoted to teaching, research, and service, and has actively conducted research on maritime-related laws and policies. We hope to contribute to national marine research and demonstrate our college's research strength and power. Each year, we also organize international academic seminars and strive to incorporate timely or significant topics into discussions on marine law and policy, with positive results over the years.